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Chanel Black Satin nails feat. a pimple.

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Amber Rose


*takes notes for tonight*



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Le1f - Boom


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Anonymous said: I'm super freaked out by boys with painted nails. I am not anti feminist or anything, quite the opposite! But it is always really upsetting to me. Why do you choose to do that?


I think most people have an issue with men being feminine. I feel it comes from the idea that being a female or being feminine is a bad thing. 

but that’s beside the point i guess, here’s why i CHOOSE to paint my nails. 

I paint my nails because I like how it looks, I’m really good at it. I enjoy nail art, and i find it really relaxing painting my nails.

Yeah I get stares sometimes, but I’m a gay cuban american man with tattoos and a big fat ring through my nose, people stare at me already. but I get compliments on them all the time. 

don’t be upset or freaked out, it’s nail polish. but they’re also my hands, my nails. so yeah. 

Love you Danny.

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Tom de Moscú

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I walk a line of tolerance, guilt, annoyance and compassion.

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Fergie - London Bridge (Oh Shit)

jesus chrsit

i used to pop my bussy in my moms heels to this song #YoungFabFag

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Also, I’ve been thinking a great deal about what it will be like to live with “the man I love” and it’s made me realize that for me, the measure of closeness I feel with someone is in the little things we share together. 

Massages, our lunch plate, the umbrella, a seat on the train, what app he got from a Kickstarter campaign, the heating bill, something his mom said to him on the phone, a song that made me cry today.

It’s truly the little things, the little thoughts, the touches, the glances.

It’s about those things that you assume everyone sees as insignificant, but if I truly love you, it’s those little things that are so personally yours that I want to know, and love and appreciate so dearly. 

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No matter what anyone says to you, always wear natural fibers on your tiddlybits. 

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Anonymous said: words of advice for 18 year old you??? but in a parallel world where you're not going to art school and have 0 friends and spent the summer by yourself going to art school and soon you're off to a mediocre university to study a random degree because you don't know what you want in life and you only got average grades in your exams?


Someone very wise once told me you should try to surprise yourself at least once every day. I think that if you can have a goal of doing that, you will learn a lot and enjoy a lot very quickly. I know someone else who takes five minutes every single day to himself to feel happy. He must spend the five minutes feeling happy or thinking about only the things in his life that make him happy and it’s something I’ve tried to adopt that is a good way to keep you driven and positive. You just have to try and maintain a positive attitude about everything. It is your time to take full control over your intellect and how you present yourself.

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Oh my fucking god

this is so addicting. i don’t want to turn it off

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